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New Course & Slope Ratings at Fanling

Dear Members,

Earlier this year, the Golf Sub-Committee decided the time had come for our three courses at Fanling to be re-rated by certified raters representing the United States Golf Association (USGA), something which had not been done for many years.

The re-rating process, covering both course and slope ratings, has been completed and the results are as follows (old ratings in parentheses):

Course Rating Slope Rating
Old Championship 70.6 (69.3) 127 (118)
Club 69.3 (68.3) 124 (114)
Forward 67.6 (66.6) 121 (110)
New Championship 71.1 (70.2) 127 (116)
Club 70 (69.1) 125 (114)
Forward 67.2 (66.3) 118 (107)
Eden Championship 70.3 (70.5) 127 (124)
Club 68.4 (68.4) 123 (119)
Forward 67 (67) 120 (116)


Course Rating Slope Rating
Old Championship 76.1 (74.9) 136 (131)
Club 74.5 (73.2) 132 (127)
Forward 72.4 (71.1) 128 (123)
New Championship 76.9 (76.2) 135 (133)
Club 75.5 (74.7) 132 (130)
Forward 72.1 (71.5) 125 (121)
Eden Championship 75.7 (74.3) 135 (132)
Club 73.4 (72.2) 130 (128)
Forward 71.7 (71.2) 126 (126)

Why did our ratings change?
Although ratings usually change because of the effective playing length of a course, this doesn’t really apply to our courses. Generally speaking, the reason our course and slope ratings are now higher can to an extent be attributed to maintenance procedures. Our green speeds are higher today than they were when the courses were last rated, which has had an influence, as has rough heights and tree growth.

How do the ratings affect my Course Handicap at Fanling?
The amount of change to a course handicap will depend on a golfer’s handicap index and the course played. By and large, course handicaps, especially on the Old and New Courses, will rise, while the course handicaps on the Eden will remain the same.

For example

The new course handicaps for a male golfer with a handicap index of 16.0 playing from the Championship tees would be as follows (old course handicap in parentheses):

Old Course: 18 (15), New Course: 19 (17) and Eden Course: 18 (18).

The new course handicaps for a female golfer with a handicap index of 24.0 playing from the Forward tees would be as follows (old course handicap in parentheses):

Old Course: 28 (25), New Course: 27 (25) and Eden Course: 27 (27).

To work out your own course handicap, the new handicap conversion tables can be found at the following links:

Old Course
New Course
Eden Course

When will the new course and slope ratings go into effect?
Immediately. The USGA’s Golf Handicap Information Network (GHIN) mobile app has been updated with the new ratings, which apply to all golfers who play at Fanling. We will shortly have new scorecards featuring the new ratings in place.

Thank you very much for your attention. Should you have any questions surrounding the updated course and slope ratings, please email Joey Wong at:

Club Management
28 June 2020